Grad Video 2018 2019 Themes

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Grad Video 2018 2019 Themes by Mind Map: Grad Video 2018 2019 Themes

1. Intrepid

2. 2018 - kindness

2.1. 5-235's Sliding Doors of Kindness

2.1.1. Need 3-5 Scenarios where students are faced with 2 choices that have immediate effects on others. Quickly show negative SOME KIND OF SIGNAL THAT STARTS THE REWIND (a sound? a gong? a #CHOOSEKIND SIGN) Rewind Quickly show positive Sliding Doors IDEAS INCLUSION: Not allowing someone into a game (in classroom) TEAMWORK: UPSTANDING: intervening in bullying Cheating... Huang and Martey appear on shoulders as #choosekind and #poordecisions... OR with other keywords representing the choice kids are/aren't making in each skit

2.1.2. Todo Jobs

2.1.3. other ideas... Notes to my Future Self Show Future Jobs wrinkly old versions of self reading the letters Show the consequences of choices Diary or Precept coming to life acting out flashbacks on top of diary entry Time machine... People coming back from middle school surprising teachers OR Reminiscing FUTURE: thinking back from middle school about TAOTS

2.2. 5-237: Doodling Party Scene

2.2.1. Someone brings someone into the party Kid doodles a party scene and leaves it on the rug -- a kid steps on it and realizes Kids can jump into the party People toss in their favorite things Some kids come to the party and get left out of: dancing, talking with each other, they wind up all alone. Kids looking at the party doodle see kids left out in the background of the drawings. They dive in to help get them involved. Teachers are boring - ALL kids are doodling... kids fall into the party kid hand comes out of the party 3 points where kids are left out at the party Everyone is with their own friends Not in the selfie with friends Someone with Anxiety (REPRESENTED BY A BOX AROUND THEIR BODY) - steps out of comfort zone to feel better Can't do the dance... How do they get brought into the party? RECORD SCRATCH Left out person walks into class (like he forgot his lunchbox OR he can't find the whole 5th grade, goes to bathroom, comes back and everyone gone), sees a party drawing and jumps in... What happens when they get brought into the party? Kids walking

2.2.2. DJ Role

2.2.3. Dancers and Singers

2.2.4. Head turns all the way around

2.3. 5-239's Agents of Change

2.3.1. Opening/Storytelling Framework -- the whole thing is a story being read by Old Emile to an IK or PreK or K kid -- "Why is TAOTS so famous", "this is a true story of POST PRODUCTION EFFECT: Cartoonize moments with narration & speech bubbles Narration from the K teacher fills in the blanks in the story (could be speech bubbles on her as well) Shoot this last

2.3.2. 2 forces in TAOTS: 5th Grade Secret Kindness Agents vs. Greedy Teachers trying to hold onto students forever Student use superpowers to perform secret acts of kindness. Each act of kindness leaves the recipient with a chunk of pink puzzle... What's the Agents' uniform or badge? - Black glasses and hoodies (Double Agents) Showing respect and thanks to adults (Ivan, Guards) Able Kids... Stop motion: Rolling "Brenny Ball" giving hugs Missing snack, one appears... Special effects Teachers are secretly planning to keep students at TAOTS. Each act of sabotage locks kids into TAOTS. Teachers wear villain costumes Sinister teachers agents have powers to sabotage (Sportella would be the overloard) Teacher uses Time Stone or Groundhogs Day (Trinkle) Turn them into Bitmoji's and stick them in the smartboard (Rathan) Teachers use magic to make them into Kindergarteners again... (Tisdall) Kids get put to sleep by GUM at their desks (Ramsay) SURPRISE: Kindness Agents pose as Mr, Rathan on shoulders of 2 other kids attends meeting the teachers reporting their progress to Sportella, Tisdall and Grancaric. Kids pretend to be teachers -- stacked up kids They plan to Kill them with acts of Kindness

2.3.3. Ending: Bits of kindness pull everyone together onto the playground and become a big heart that says "Be the Change" that blows away the evil of the teachers and then spreads into the wind... The final acts of kindness to the teachers trigger a magnet effect where all of the puzzle chunks start pulling the owners, and everyone in the grade out to the playground. After the teachers see the heart and realize they have to let the kids go, the heart explodes and the pieces fly off into the sky (shoot the pieces coming down and reverse it; shoot everyone looking up) Then they fly off to the next agents of kindness - Spread Kind "It's The TAOTS Way" Old Brendan is standing by the door and says "ha ha ha, those were the good old days... now excuse me, here are the credits" "Good night." Shoot it on green screen and superimpose it on the wall -- then the pieces can fly off from there/and or come together...

2.3.4. Jobs/Todo Make the heart make soundtrack/garageband with lyrics about Secret Agents of Change and plot points I'm just looking outside the door... with the iPad and the music is for the credits Develop the acts of kindness Develop the teacher acts of sabotage Narration: Paul Revere-style by Beastie Boys What's the name of this story??? Choose Kind Be The Change: Book Cover Art...

2.3.5. every time someone is kind, give a piece of the heart to someone and it comes together as a big heart that says "be the change"

2.4. Other Filler

2.4.1. 5-235: Wonder Mural - TimeLapse or Stop Motion

2.4.2. Class Photos Changing over time

2.5. Every Student Makes a Statement over their self portrait

2.5.1. Kindness Precept Just say hi

2.5.2. "I will miss (about TAOTS)..."

2.5.3. "I'm looking forward to..."

2.5.4. 5th grade spoilers... "Spoiler Alert... You sure you want to listen to this?! OK... In 5th grade..." "5th graders..." "Every day in 5th grade I..." "Look forward to..." Always give compliments to the teachers

3. 2019 - STEAM Challenge: Ready for what's NeXt

3.1. Teachers challenge each class to build a device out of their STEAM Fair projects & using their CS4all skills that will allow studnets to re-live moments from 5th grade

3.1.1. SCENE 1: Teachers in each class explain the challenge graduation is upon us. I don't know about you, but I'm not just going to let you and all the memories we've built together GO! we need you to use all of your STEAM powers... kid: STEAM? science tech... Yes, STEAM -- use those powers to create a program that will allow us to savor the memories of this time whenever we want ! tinker! Thinking faces Closups of kids choosing certain parts

3.1.2. SCENE 2: Students in each class brainstorm the moments from 5th grade they want to re-live STUDENT CHOICE: what memories will they mention but not choose? These memories need to have real pictures we can put in the video. "WHEN WE LEARNED..." thought bubbles appear over their heads with pictures or videos from those memories R&R

3.1.3. SCENE 3: Kids in each class make the contraptions (like Weird science montage) STUDENT CHOICE: What will the contraption look like -- what STEAM projects will they combine to make the contraption. Anything from CS4 all fit in? electromagnet + hoop gliders + catapult + bridge (to the past) + tuba + magic word or song "chunky monkey" + code some kids start digging through the STEAM fair stuff some kids pull memorabilia some kids 3D print we lay it all out on the floor -- light some candles, etc. use Scratch to make the if/than scenarios with funny student avatars you make me live instrumental Don't Stop Me Now (Instrumental) High Hopes - Sinatra and Panic at the Disco

3.1.4. SCENE 4: Students in each class test out the invention leading to the REENACTMENT CLASS CHOICE: Each class recreates a memory DARCY'S CLASS: 5TH Grade Race something magical or weird happens in the memory that is different from reality CLASS CHOICE: What would the funny addition to the memory? KIDS NEED TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY WHEN THE DEVICE STARTS (THIS WILL BE THE PAYOFF IN SCENE 5 Different song per memory?

3.1.5. SCENE 5: Future Tweak - 10 years later (SIMPLE REACTION SHOTS OF THEM ALL LOOKING HAPPY

3.1.6. We will Rock You Use Part a' your En-rich-ment Clus-ters, Field Trips, STEAM Fair to take on the world some day You're in TAOTS 5th Grade You graduate Look out world because we're on the WAY TAOTS will, TAOTS will ROCK YOU! Whether your an artist, athlete, scientist or doc you'll remember this place one day You're in TAOTS 5th Grade You graduate Look out world because we're on the way... everybody... sing-it ahhh...

3.1.7. Shots needed "It's like I'm there!" "that's powerful" "we did it! we did it!" STEAM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Math... R&R Pep talk -- you need to put all of your design skills, artistic skills, 237 and 239 teachers saying why this is so important to make kids saying "I turned up the [inspirational item], and the [hopeful thing] crossed with the [dream-y thing] and I think we can now go into the future!!! coders: Alec, and 2 others

3.2. Ready for What's NeXt: Student hopes and dreams for where they will be in 10 years

3.2.1. Students deliver their final statements on camera "In 10 years I will..."

3.2.2. We will film this at Brooklyn Bridge Park

3.2.3. Teachers say that the kids have learned what they need to succeed in 10 years


3.3.1. 10 year challenge 2029 Student Statements "I'll be ready to..." How will kids seem changed? What is going to be different about TAOTS??? Comparing someone from 10 years AGO to now. We will look 10 years into the FUTURE. Kids invent a code to jump 10 years into the future. See the future, not be the future! Future Ideas

3.3.2. middle school

3.3.3. after taots

3.3.4. you are prepared

3.3.5. X = 10 Years!

3.3.6. Ready for what's happening...

3.3.7. prepared for the future

4. Book tasting

5. PJ collection