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Channel by Mind Map: Channel

1. Marketing channel is also called a distribution channel is an organized system of marketig institutions and their interrelationship that enhances the physical flow and ownership of goods and services from producer to consumer or business user.

1.1. Marketing Channel

1.1.1. Business goods Producer Business User Agent Wholesaler Agent

1.1.2. Consumer goods Producer Consumer Retailer Wholesaler Agent

1.1.3. Service Provider Consumer/Business User Agent Consumer/Business User

2. Types of Marketing Channel

2.1. Direct Selling

2.2. Channels Using Marketing Intermediaries

2.3. Dual Distribution

2.4. Reverse Channels

3. Strategy Decsion

3.1. Selection of marketing channel

3.1.1. Market Factors

3.1.2. Product Factors

3.1.3. Organizational and Competitive Factors

3.2. Determining Distribution Intensity

3.2.1. Intensive

3.2.2. Selective

3.2.3. Exclusive

4. Management and Leadership

4.1. Channel Conflict

4.1.1. Horizontal

4.1.2. Vertical

4.1.3. Grey Market

4.2. Achieving Channel Cooperation

5. Vertical Marketing Systems

5.1. Corporate and Administred

5.2. Contractual

6. Logistics and Supply Chain Manegement

6.1. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

6.2. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

6.3. Logistical Cost Control

7. Physical Distribution

7.1. Customer Service

7.2. Transportation

7.3. Inventory Control

7.4. Protective Packing and Materials Handling

7.5. Order Processing

7.6. Warehousing