Reflection on Edit 767

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Reflection on Edit 767 by Mind Map: Reflection on Edit 767

1. As I monitor and manage the discussion boards, my job as a facilitator is to mentor my students to ensure students are being good digital citizens, policing - to ensure students feel safe to voice their opinions, and then I can always clarify and amplify discussions.

1.1. Blogs and discussion boards allow students to reflect and evaluate artifact or as simple as thinking about their own thinking ( meta-cognition skills).

2. Why blend is a question I get from my educators?

2.1. Adds flexibility to learning and students and teachers.

2.2. Targeted Small Group Instruction is my main focus for blended learning.

2.3. It allows me to work with a small group of students and help them individually personalize learning to their ability level.

2.4. I am able to facilitate learning in my own classroom and not be the sage on the stage.

2.5. Students can work at their own pace and not feel rushes, especially when working on mathematical algorithms.

2.6. Similarly there are many more benefits to blended learning

2.7. There are several blended station rotations models to choose from.

3. What are some strategies in Blended Learning Content-Driven activities that can be used in my classroom?

3.1. By incorporating the backward design model, it allows me to ensure I am evaluating students based on the aligned standards, which enables me to select appropriate activities

3.2. The learning driven activities that I plan allow me to track students' individual progress and facilitate instruction as they move towards mastery.

3.3. Using reflections in my classrooms allow students to exercise their meta cognition skills.

3.4. I use blogs in my classroom and it serves as a repository for work. I am able to provide students with feedback or guide discussion questions to ensure learning occurs smoothly.

4. What education technologies do I prefer to incorporate in my classroom?

4.1. First and foremost, I make sure my students understand that technology is the accelerator and pedagogy is the driver.

4.2. I always have a plan B if technology goes wrong at the very moment.

4.3. To keep parents and students informed about the course content, I like to use Google sites as I am able to use the Google playground once students have their google login information. For example, students can access google classroom where I house my assignments and assessments. With google suite, they can access google form quiz; formative assessment tool which provides data in form of a spreadsheet.

4.4. Tools used to create graphic organizers like mindmaps using popplet, google draw or mindmeister allows students to learn and play with technology via hands-on- activities.

4.4.1. I plan to use the Scratch program that I learned in the tools for ...allows students to apply elements of STEM and stay engaged in a fun way of learning.

5. I am an innovator and a risk taker, as learning never stops.

5.1. For me to learn new things, I have to play with tools to ensure learning takes place.

5.2. I remember trying new tools in front of the class and looking silly when it would not work. I guess as part of my growth mindset, I would go back fix it and use it again the following day. I love challenges and do accept challenges when I see one.

5.3. I am always ready to try new instructional platforms as they help students in the learning process. For instance; Classkick is a platform where a teacher uploads a pfd and assigns it to the entire class, and teacher can access and see every student's work and help whoever needs help.