Internet and Effective Internet Searching

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Internet and Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: Internet and Effective Internet Searching

1. Four NETS for better searching

1.1. Narrow-start putting few words from the page and increase more words to find the exact page

1.2. Exact phrases-by typing the exact phrases in the exact order you will find pages with those phrases.

1.3. Trim back the URL-trim down the URL to find exactly where the page has come from.

1.4. Similar pages-find similar websites to the page you are on to find more useful information.

2. The 5 W's of website evaluation

2.1. Who-who wrote the page and are they an expert?

2.2. What-what information is included and does this information differ from other sites

2.3. When-when was this created and last updated?

2.4. Where-where does this information come from and where can I find more about this sponsor?

2.5. Why-why is this information useful for my purpose?

3. Tips to help student research

3.1. Clarify-Students first need to take a moment to consider what information they’re actually looking for in their searches

3.2. Search-students need to know that the quality of the search terms they put in the search box will determine the quality of their results.

3.3. Delve-Entering quality search terms is one thing but knowing what to click on is another.

3.4. Evaluate-Students need to know how to search for the specific information they’re after on a website.

3.5. Cite-Give students lots of practice writing information in their own words, and show them how to use quotation marks and cite sources.

4. Internet search

5. Internet searching