Descriptive writing

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Descriptive writing by Mind Map: Descriptive writing

1. 3. unlike narrative, descriptive writing should avoid story telling. it does not focus on story but the object which it describes. it deffer from exposition which explain something,it also not interest in using examples to convince reader but use vivid vocabulary to influence readers

2. 1.In my opinion, descriptive writing is a writing where you describe a lot in the story.

3. 2.Descriptive writing entails a wide vocabulary.

4. 3.Descriptive writing focus more on the description of various objects in the story as compared to other text types.

5. 2.descriptive writing entail a wide range and good choose of vocabulary , good use of symbolism, metaphor and irony, creating the environment that make readers feel they involve in, making reader think it is interesting, focusing on most relevant detailsdetails

6. 1.descriptive writing describes what you can see, feel, smell, taste and think.