Effective internet searches

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Effective internet searches by Mind Map: Effective internet searches

1. Finding information on the internet

1.1. We use sites called search engines to help us find information. Some of these include Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search engines are full of websites, but some of these websites aren't very useful.

1.2. To make sure the information you're reading is correct and reliable, look at a few different websites and compare information.

1.3. Wikipedia isn't a very reliable site to get information off because people can easily change what is written.

1.4. Try this search engine made just for kids! Kiddle - visual search engine for kids, powered by Google

2. Being specific when searching

2.1. It is important to be specific when searching on the internet. If you want to find the ingredients in chocolate, rather than just typing in 'chocolate,' search 'ingredients in chocolate.'

2.2. It is also important not to use too many words when you want to search for something on the internet. If you want to find the cooking time for pasta, rather than searching 'how long does it usually take to boil pasta at home,' search 'pasta cooking time.'

2.3. If you search for something and you can't find the information you want, try changing a few words in your search.

2.4. By effectively searching the web and looking at more than one website to find information, we are being critical users of the web.

3. staying safe on the internet

3.1. It is very important to remember to stay safe online and to always be alert to suspicious behaviour.

3.1.1. Never give anyone your personal information online. Never tell anybody your last name, address or school over the internet.

3.1.2. If someone messages you online and you don't know them or don't feel comfortable with what they're saying, BLOCK THEM and tell an adult!

3.1.3. Never accept a friend request from someone who you've never met and don't know.

3.1.4. Press the arrow to go to a fun game!

3.1.5. Watch this video about internet safety! 5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids