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History by Mind Map: History

1. Mr. Nebel

1.1. Colonialism

1.2. Cold war

1.2.1. Berlin Wall

1.3. Independence

2. Ms. Quinn

2.1. Responsible

2.2. Not lazy

2.3. Work

2.3.1. Industrial revolution Britain

2.3.2. Imperialism powerful countries Britain France

2.3.3. Review sheets Helpful

3. Ms.Hogan

3.1. Good teaching skills

3.1.1. We understand the lessons

3.2. Work

3.2.1. World war II Polands' invasion by Hitler Dunkurks' miracle Pearl Harbor Bombed by Japanese Battle of Midway The Blitz

3.2.2. Russian Revolution Lenin Stalin Communism Bolsheviks= the reds The whites Czar Abdication

3.3. World War I

3.3.1. Archeduke France Ferdinand's shooting

3.3.2. Trenche conditions

3.3.3. Study of Propaganda