The Internet and Effective Internet Searching

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The Internet and Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: The Internet and Effective Internet Searching

1. Searching internet resources

1.1. Using Google advanced search

1.1.1. Google Advanced Search

1.2. Google has lesson plans which are available

1.2.1. Lesson Plans – Search Education – Google

1.3. Using google scholar

1.3.1. Google Scholar

1.4. Microsoft Academic

1.4.1. Microsoft Academic

2. How to search effectively

2.1. Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies

2.2. Use Boolean Operators

2.2.1. Boolean Operators- And, Or, & Not

2.2.2. Help to make your search more specific

2.3. Truncation

2.3.1. Search Techniques - Truncation

2.3.2. Keyword Searching: Using Truncation

2.3.3. Using this technique when searching for resources can broaden the results you get and ensure you receive information regarding every possible use or variation of the chosen topic.

3. How does searching work?

3.1. The Internet: How Search Works

3.2. Teaching resource

3.2.1. How do search engines work?

4. How to tell if a website is credible?

4.1. Website Evaluator



4.3. Evaluating Websites