Searching and Evaluating Resources on the Internet

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Searching and Evaluating Resources on the Internet by Mind Map: Searching and Evaluating Resources on the Internet

1. Searching for Resources

1.1. There are lots of different places where trustworthy and safe resources can be found on the internet

1.2. Children can use any one of the many different search engines designed specially for them

1.2.1. KidRex - Kid Safe Search Engine

1.2.2. Kiddle - visual search engine for kids, powered by Google

1.2.3. Kids Search - Safe Search Engine

2. How to perform an Advanced Search

2.1. 1. Google 'advanced search', and open the first item, 'Google Advanced Search'

2.2. 2. Enter in any key words you want in your search - for example 'Japan, Food, Traditional' - put in box labelled 'All these words'

2.3. This tool is highly effective in narrowing down your searches so that you only get the results you want to see

2.4. 3. In box labelled 'None of these words', type in all the things you don't want to see in your search - for example 'Travel, Holiday, Buy'

2.5. 4. Edit and narrow the search as you want it, and then click 'Advanced Search'

3. What to Trust and what to Trash

3.1. TRUST

3.1.1. -Can likely trust websites with URLs containing '.gov', '

3.1.2. -Can likely trust websites that have an author - this way you can check their credibility

3.1.3. -Can likely trust websites obtained through specialist searches, such as 'KidRex'


3.3. TRASH

3.3.1. -Best to be wary of sites that are advertising or endorsing a particular product

3.3.2. -Be wary of sites with many spelling and grammatical errors - this demonstrates a lack of care taken when the page was written

4. Always remember that anyone can put anything on the internet