The Internet and Effective Internet Searching

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The Internet and Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: The Internet and Effective Internet Searching

1. 1. Clarify

1.1. Students need to consider what information they are looking for

1.2. Have class discussions to brainstorm keywords

1.3. Time spent prior researching makes for efficient researching

2. 2. Search

2.1. Type simple search terms/ key words into search engine

2.2. Alter your terms

2.3. Be specific

2.4. Remember o have good spelling, punctuation, quotation arks

3. 3. Delve

3.1. Encourage students to look beyond the first few results

3.2. Ensure that students know all the components of the anatomy of a Google search result

3.3. Get students to look at the green URL and domains

3.4. Teach students to open ore than one tab

4. 4. Evaluate

4.1. Teach students how to look for the search box on a webpage

4.2. Ensure students understand that they shouldn't believe everything the read

5. 5. Cite

5.1. Teach students about plagiarism

5.2. Get students to practice wiring information in their own words

5.3. Get students to organise their information

6. 6. Use Quotes

6.1. Allows to locate for a specific phrase

6.2. Focus on a certain topic

7. 7. Use Google to search within a site

7.1. Good way to find what you are looking for with minimum fuss

8. 8.Find Words Within a Web Address

8.1. Search within a Web Address using 'inurl' command via Google

9. 9. Limit Searches to a Specific High Level Domain

9.1. Use domains such as; .edu, .org, .gov

9.2. This narrows searches to high level search engines

10. 10. Find a Word on a Web Page

10.1. When plugging your search into search engine