The Internet and Effective Internet Searching.

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The Internet and Effective Internet Searching. by Mind Map: The Internet and Effective Internet Searching.

1. Use quotes to locate a specific phrase.

2. Find words within a web address.

3. Use basic math to narrow down your search results.

4. Limit your searches to a specific high level domain.

4.1. .edu

4.2. .gov

4.3. .org

5. Use more than one search engine and explore advanced search options. Search engines include:

5.1. Google.

5.2. YouTube.

5.3. Amazon.

5.4. Facebook.

5.5. Bing.

6. Find a word on a web page.

7. Widen the net with a wildcard character search.

8. Look beyond the first few search results.

9. Evaluate the site with criticial thinking questions.

9.1. What is the purpose of the site?

9.2. Can you find any background information?

9.3. Do the headlines match the article?

10. Increasing search quality.

10.1. Simple terms with important key words.

10.2. Use synonyms or reword phrases.

10.3. Use quotation marks for exact search phrases.