The Internet and effective Internet searching.

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The Internet and effective Internet searching. by Mind Map: The Internet and effective Internet searching.

1. 1) Be specific when searching.

2. 2) Try using simple key terms and important key words.

2.1. 'SEO & WEB Development (round)' by KOLO design

3. 5) Evaluate your site, does it actually offer the information that you need?

3.1. 'Risk & Insurance - Flat' by Minh Do

4. 4) Use quotation marks to locate a specific phrase.

4.1. The Noun Project

4.1.1. Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies

5. 3) Use more than one search engine. For example using different libraries and advanced search engines.

5.1. Businessman with multiple options free vector icons designed by Freepik

6. 6) Find similar websites to cross check your information.

7. 7) Delve deep to find the exact information that you are looking for.

7.1. 'Summer' by boris farias

8. 8) Make sure to cite your work! Give credit to the author and creator of the cite that you are using.

8.1. 'User Management' by Aha-Soft

9. 9) Try to avoid common terminology and punctuation.

9.1. 'Minicons Users' by Webalys

10. 10) Take advantage of the minus (-) operator to help narrow your search.

10.1. Minus Icon - free download, PNG and vector