The Internet and Effective Internet Searching

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The Internet and Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: The Internet and Effective Internet Searching

1. 1. Clarify

1.1. Students first need to take a moment to consider what information they're actually looking for in their searches.

2. 4. Evaluate

2.1. Once you click on a site, how do you know if it offers the information you need?. Students need to know how to search for the specific information they're after on a website.

3. 3.Delve

3.1. Entering quality search terms is one thing but knowing what to click on is another.

4. 2. Search

4.1. It sounds simple but students need to know that the quality of the search terms they put in the search box will determine the quality of their results

5. 5. Cite

5.1. So your students navigate the obstacles of searching and finding information on quality websites. The students must understand that once you find certain information you cite the information to make them aware of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

6. 6. Effective use

6.1. Make sure you use the most up to date and effective search engine and database for finding information

7. 7. Start Narrow

7.1. Start small and find small information on a topic and then go further into more information. By doing this they will get the basic information found and correct when finding information online