Effective Internet Searching

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Effective Internet Searching by Mind Map: Effective Internet Searching

1. Clarify

1.1. keywords

1.2. synonyms

1.3. questions

2. Search

2.1. simple search terminology

3. delve

3.1. look for the green URL's

4. evaluate

4.1. What is the purpose of this site?

4.1.1. does it have genuine intentions?

4.2. Can you find any background information?

4.2.1. who and when was the website published?

4.3. Do the headlines match the article?

4.3.1. are they genuine or designed to hook the reader with 'click bait'

5. cite

5.1. Plagiarism

5.2. copyright infringement


6.1. use quotes to locate specific items

7. use multiple search options

7.1. to get varied results