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Children's Lierature Assignment by Mind Map: Children
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Children's Lierature Assignment

15 annotations of children's books (100 words each)

Yr K - 2 books


Share said the rooster

Green eggs and ham

The saddest king


Yr 3 - 4 Books

The twits

Tales of a fourth grade nothing

Pete the sheep



Yr 5 -6 books

Winnie the Pooh

The little prince


Giant devil dingo


Dont forget

Cover page

Green check list

Reference list

Value of Child's Lit (500 wrd)


Spark imagination



Book Reviews (500 words each)

Review "Wind in the Willows" (500 wrd)

Review: "Possum Magic" (500 wrd)


The curling pond:

The fence sitter child (?)