Modal Verbs

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Modal Verbs by Mind Map: Modal Verbs

1. can

1.1. indicates ability or possibility. In these cases it can be translated as "power" in Spanish.

2. could

2.1. indicates possibility or ability in the past.

3. may

3.1. to indicate possibilities in the future.

4. might

4.1. "Might" is used to indicate possibilities in the present or the future. In these cases, it is a synonym of "may".

5. will

5.1. "will" is used to form the future tense.

6. shall

6.1. "Shall" is used as "will" to form the future tense. The use of "shall" is much more common in the United Kingdom and is generally more educated.

7. should

7.1. "Should" indicates an obligation or recommendation. Reflects an opinion about what is right. It is translated as the conditional of "duty" in Spanish.

8. ought to

8.1. "Ought to" is a synonym for "should" although it is less common.

9. must/have to

9.1. "Must" indicates an obligation, prohibition or necessity. You can also use "have to" in affirmative sentences.

10. would

10.1. "Would" is used to declare a preference and to ask for something politely.