Am I Addicted to Technology?

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Am I Addicted to Technology? by Mind Map: Am I Addicted to Technology?

1. After I tested myself by CITA and Internet Addiction Quiz

2. Technology become a basic requirement for my daily little activities. e.g. ordering pizza, online shopping.

3. I checked my smartphone like in every minute. I frequently checked my emails too. secondly, I am addicted for playing games on my smartphone. so, I am using my phone in excess..

4. I am dependent on innovation. Technology and the Internet isn't our want or desire, it is our need nowadays. We can't make survive without innovation even for a solitary day. We are encompassed by innovation by means of our day by day utilize machines like microwave, mobile, laptop etc.

5. I scored 8 out of 10 in CITA and positive in Internet Addiction Quiz.

6. So, YES

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8. Evidence from Course

8.1. From Ted Conferences, we spent a lot time in our second half (surveying Fb or other social interacting sites)

8.2. Evgeny Morozov has expressed that people think that somehow social media & Internet platform, can replace the entire process of creating, making and adjusting their strategy. So, people are more addicted to technology.

8.3. As per the latest stats by statista, in 2018 the current mobile subscribers are approx. 30.1 million and in 2019 this number is expected to cross 30.6 million (Statista). So, it will be hike by 0.5 million.

8.4. Businesses are also using online media to interact with their consumers. Online Marketing, Google AdSense, business specific websites, individual company website, they use all these medium to interact with their customers. This will lead us to become more dependent on technology.

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