Student individual needs

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Student individual needs by Mind Map: Student individual needs

1. Productive needs

1.1. Planning time

1.1.1. think pair share

1.1.2. brainstorming

1.1.3. timelining

1.2. Oral volume

1.2.1. group work- assisting the student in clarifying his ideas before having to speak them in front of peers to promote a confident and louder voice.

1.2.2. engage the student in show and tell, debates, classroom discussions

1.2.3. Use ipad to be a reporter

1.3. Authentic writing

1.3.1. introduce student to diifferent writing styles

1.3.2. create an end goal to writing projects-publishing to class dojo/blog

1.3.3. facilitate journal writing and find learner a pen pal

2. Receptive needs

2.1. Visual learner

2.1.1. graphic organisers

2.1.2. use ICT to display information and to assist the learner

2.1.3. allow learner processing time and provide visual aids

2.2. Advanced reading age

2.2.1. challenge the student

2.2.2. help the student find books to read that are: complex, age appropriate & interesting

2.2.3. have the reader consider reading a series or non-fiction book.

2.2.4. have in class reading tim, could be used as extrinsic motivation-reward

2.3. Listening

2.3.1. student needs attention/time/prompts to recall ideas working in homegenous groups where he can collaborate with peers to recall/discusss Information individual teacher support/thought provoking questions to keep him engaged and on task

2.3.2. encourage active-listening with note taking and reporting roles