Corevist and Voquz talk about SAP Indirect Access 5/23/2018

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Corevist and Voquz talk about SAP Indirect Access 5/23/2018 by Mind Map: Corevist and Voquz talk about SAP Indirect Access 5/23/2018

1. Where do we go from here?

1.1. SAP

1.1.1. Hala Zeine has been promoted...who follows up from here?

1.1.2. Continue to clarify and document

1.1.3. SAP can't be allowed to normalize their anti-trust behavior "We cannot see any substantial improvement especially for the ISVs." Frank Bayer, President IA4SAP

1.2. SAP Clients

1.2.1. Build your business case for INNOVATION

1.2.2. You still have to Negotiate Know your contract and entitlements Optimize your license position Know SAP licensing options Don't be bullied by audits Understand SAP's motivation Future proof your contracts Have a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)

1.2.3. Stay in touch with your user groups ASUG DSAG SUGEN

1.3. Corevist/Voquz - "Democracy dies in the dark"

1.3.1. SAP clients need to learn from each other in a safe space Best practices Discounts achieved

1.3.2. Voquz has set up a LinkedIn Group "SAP Indirect Access Support Group"

1.3.3. Corevist has created the "SAP Indirect Access Scholarship fund"

2. Rebuilding Trust (Sam)

2.1. (Francis Frei - Harvard Prof engaged at Uber) How to build (and rebuild) trust

2.2. Three (wobbly) pillars of trust

2.2.1. Empathy are you listening to me? do you care about me? do you realize your stifling my ability to innovate? are you penalizing me for being a long time customer?

2.2.2. Authenticity is what you say aligned with what you're doing? is this not really about you using your monopoly status? is this not really about you hitting numbers for wall street? is this not really about getting back at why isn't there an Indirect Access concept for B1 customers?

2.2.3. Rigor in logic does it make sense? can I apply it to my situation? there are so many outstanding questions

3. The April 10th Announcement

3.1. Analyst/Reporter/User Group publicity feast

3.2. Key points

3.2.1. Better definition of Indirect Access

3.2.2. Document based licensing

3.2.3. Reorg of Audit outside of Sales

3.3. Document licensing isn't a bargain

4. Brief History of Indirect Access (Sebastian)

4.1. From: "protect against unauthorized use"

4.2. To: "a tool to force migration to the cloud"

4.3. April 10 - SAP announces new "Document based pricing model"

5. Punchline

5.1. SAP has a right to charge for the fair use of their IP

5.2. SAP has now launched a new licensing "Journey"

5.3. You still have to negotiate with SAP

5.4. SAP is not looking out for your interests...that's your responsibility.

5.5. You need to take action

6. Introductions

6.1. Sam Bayer (Corevist)

6.2. Sebastian Schoofs (Voquz)