The Internet

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The Internet by Mind Map: The Internet

1. What can we use it for?

1.1. Referencing our essays!


1.3. Talking to your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat

1.4. Researching interesting topics or points of interest for our assignments

2. Staying Safe on the Web

2.1. Cyberbullying

2.1.1. What is it? Sending mean text messages/images/emails Sexting Spreading rumours or threatening someone online Stealing someone's log in information and impersonating them

2.1.2. Who can you talk to about it? Me (or another teacher) A trusted adult A counsellor The police (if something criminal happens) Any of the awesome resources found on: National Centre Against Bullying (link)

3. Effective Searching

3.1. Image source:

3.2. 1. Make it concise! (too many search terms limit your results)

3.3. 2. Don't settle for subpar resources (Keep searching!)

3.4. 3. Try to learn some of the neat symbols which make your search smarter! (link)

3.5. 4. Use the appropriate search engine!

3.5.1. Google Images for pictures - but remember what we learnt about finding images labelled for reuse!

3.5.2. YouTube for videos

3.5.3. Google Scholar for academic works

3.5.4. Wikipedia (but mainly used as a broad understanding of a topic)

3.6. 5. Reverse Image Search can be a godsend if you want to find an image source! For tips on how, click here! (link)

4. Referencing

4.1. You need to reference everything you find on the internet as well as things you read in books

4.1.1. Journal Articles

4.1.2. E-books

4.1.3. Videos

4.1.4. Pictures

4.1.5. Webites

4.2. You can use some popular citation websites to make things easier for you

4.2.1. RefWorks

4.2.2. Citethisforme

4.2.3. Citefast