Areas of opportunities

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Areas of opportunities by Mind Map: Areas of opportunities

1. Trust

1.1. Transparency

1.1.1. “Do what we say, say what we do”

1.2. We must deliver !

1.2.1. We are what we do, not what we say

1.2.2. Focus ! The right things at the right time

1.3. Mindset

1.3.1. User’s oriented, ownership, pro-activity

1.3.2. WE are the business, so, act accordingly

2. Understand the needs

2.1. Speed

2.1.1. Core and strategic initiatives

2.1.2. Quick-wins & Prototyping

2.2. Demand management

2.2.1. Expectations

2.2.2. Shared resources

2.2.3. Budget

3. Service Delivery

3.1. Get the basics right

3.2. Think Service, not process

3.3. Our employees are our firsts customers