Alzheimer's Disease

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Alzheimer's Disease by Mind Map: Alzheimer's Disease

1. depression

2. seizures

3. Pathophysiology

3.1. incurable dementia

3.1.1. progressive chronic neurodegenerative condition

3.2. cognitive dysfuntion

3.3. neuritic plaque formation

3.4. neurofibrillary tangles in neurons

3.5. cholinergic neurotransmitter abnormality

4. Symptoms

4.1. memory loss

4.2. unable to communicate

4.3. aggressive behavior

4.4. psychoses

4.5. confusion

4.6. wandering

4.6.1. personality changes

4.7. hostility

4.8. paranoia

5. Treatments

5.1. goal:

5.1.1. reverse cognitive decline

5.1.2. improve symptoms

5.2. No available drugs to meet goals

5.3. Drugs approved but not very effective

5.3.1. Cholinesterase inhibitors Action allows more ACh in neuron receptors increases cognitive function Use mild to mod Alzheimer's Diesease donepezil (aricept) galantamin (razadyne) rivastigmine (exelon) AChE inhibitor slows disease process abdominal pain side effects: adverse rxns: tacrine (cognex)

5.3.2. MOA: modulates glutamate, believed to play critical role in learning and memory

5.3.3. mematine (namenda)

5.3.4. NMDA receptor antagonist Uses: mod to severe Azheimer's Adverse effects: dizziness headache confusion constipation

6. Neuropsychiatric Symptoms

6.1. experienced by 80% of pt

6.2. agitation, aggression, delusion, hallucinations

6.3. treated w:

6.3.1. antipsychotics atypical anti psychotics , that seem to be most helpful Risperidone Olanzapine

6.3.2. cholinesterase inhibitors

6.3.3. mood stabilizers

6.3.4. anxiolytics

6.3.5. NMDA receptor antagonists

6.3.6. antidepressants