Practice Management III

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Practice Management III by Mind Map: Practice Management III

1. Summary of Each Module

1.1. Week 1

1.1.1. Purpose I want everyone to have access to healthcare with an emphasis on having the community taking control of their own health in a sustainable way.

1.1.2. Mission I’m on a mission to create a sustainable structure of healthcare for communities worldwide that do not have access to medicine by teaching them how to work together to create a healthier lifestyle and knowledge to take control of their own health.

1.1.3. Vision Being the creator of a sustainable healthcare plan for communities around the globe without access to medicine through the power of natural medicine.

1.2. Week 2

1.2.1. Vision: Being the creator of a sustainable healthcare plan for communities without access to medicine with the power of natural medicine.

1.2.2. The activity I’ll focus on for the next 90 days will be: Fine tuning what my strengths are or what I want my focus to be in my practice.

1.2.3. • Organization of treatment protocols • Practice muscle testing and physical manipulations for pain management • Write a blog post about a detoxification technique

1.3. Week 3

1.3.1. Characteristics of a leader Transparency Morals Whole self Accountability Balance Stigma Storytelling Listen Being Loved Understanding Rather than feared Trust

1.4. Week 4

1.4.1. Emotional Intelligence Learn to work with difficult people Learn to communicate effectively Let go of emotions Find outlet

1.5. Week 5

1.5.1. Explaining a Hard Topic Challenges Understanding how long to keep the patient talking for. Confidence is the accuracy and depth of the explanations given Strength Passion for topic

1.6. Week 6

1.6.1. Health Coaching Strengths Empathy Asking detailed questions Challenges Confidence in the information accuracy explained Timing

2. New Discoveries of What It's Like To Be A Leader

2.1. Be informed about treatment interactions and Mechanism of Action of therapies

2.2. Communication with other doctors on the patient's team

2.3. What to do when something is going wrong

2.4. How to order labs/decipher labs/imaging

2.5. Good detailed history with follow up questions

2.6. Write quality chart notes

2.7. Effectively use electronic records system and office features

2.8. Multitask

3. Areas Chosen to Strengthen

3.1. Organization

3.2. Attention to detail

3.3. Multitask

3.4. Preparation for patient

4. Names of Those Thought To Be Leaders and Wish to Interview

4.1. Dr. Anderson

4.1.1. Excellent with IV's

4.1.2. Does talks and classes

4.2. Dr. Joe

4.2.1. Practicing on New Zealand

4.2.2. Applied Kinesiology

4.2.3. DO experience

4.3. Dr. Hessler

4.3.1. Working as ND abroad

4.3.2. Tips for treatments

4.3.3. Business tactics

5. How to Establish Leadership

5.1. Now

5.1.1. Ask questions to people that are admired

5.1.2. Take initiative Learn from mistakes

5.1.3. Prepare for patients Know everything about what is in their chart and why

5.2. Future

5.2.1. Work under a doctor that is admired

5.2.2. Get organized

5.2.3. Do something out of comfort zone every other month Talks Blog Shadow