The Integumentary System

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The Integumentary System by Mind Map: The Integumentary System

1. Stratum Spinosum

1.1. a spiny in appearance due to the protruding cell processes that join the cells

1.2. composed of 8 to 10 layers of keratinocytes which is protein

2. Stratum Granulosum

2.1. grainy appearance due to changes to the keratinocytes when they are pushed from the stratum spinosum

2.2. generate large amounts of proteins keratin which is fibrous and keratohyalin

2.3. the proteins make up the bulk to make the grainy appearance

3. Stratum Lucidum

3.1. smooth translucent layer of the epidermis located above the stratum granulosum and below the stratum corneum

3.2. only found in the thick skin of the palms, soles, and digits

3.3. cells are packed with eleiden, a clear protein

4. Stratum Corneum

4.1. the most superficial layer of the epidermis and is the layer exposed the outside enviornment

4.2. usually 15 to 30 layers of cells

4.3. the layer helps prevent the penetration of microbes and the dehydration of underlying tissues and protection from the sun

5. Epidermis

5.1. stratified sqamous Epithelium

5.2. 4 layers of epithelium cells which is Stratum Basale, Stratum Spinosum, Stratum Granulosum, and Stratum Corneum.

5.3. Has thin and thick skin but the thick skin is in the palm of your hands which it has a fifth layer that is called Stratum Lucidum

6. the skin composed of two main layers which is the epidermis and the dermis.they have another layer beneath that is hypodermis

7. Stratum Basale

7.1. the deepest epidermal layer and it attaches it to the basal lamina

7.2. Dermal Papilla - finger like projection, it increase the connection between epidermis and dermis

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