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Blogs by Mind Map: Blogs

1. Teacher Blog

2. Teacher Blog

3. This example is a tutorial for students on how to blog. I think that it is more meaningful for students to familiarize themselves with a new technology first. After that show them the tutorial to make sure they are all comfortable with the tools.

4. Teacher Blog

5. Classroom Connection: Blogs are a way for students to keep a log or journal of their thoughts. Teachers can use this throughout the year to help them in the writing process as a place for students to publish and work out ideas. It can also be used as way for students to reflect on their school work from homework to projects.

6. I think that blogs are an advantage for students, but I would not use them in the primary grades, I would more than likely introduce them to students in fourth or fifth grade and make sure that they were private to the public but open to the class so that students can post on each others blogs and give feedback and thoughts on the posts.

7. Blog video