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Silvermine 10/2 Brainstorm by Mind Map: Silvermine 10/2 Brainstorm
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Silvermine 10/2 Brainstorm

What information I need

What types of information can we offer through evening workshops or some other means that would support parents in their efforts to help their children succeed?   Que tipo de información necesita usted como apoyo para que usted ayude a su hijo/a a tener éxito en la escuela, y en que forma prefiere recibir esa información?

Lack of Communication

Our Students

Support Reading and Learning

Why it's hard to volunteer

The school and the PTO want and need parent volunteers to help bring success to some school programs or school events. What are the concerns/issues that keep you from actively participating in school events?     La escuela y el PTO necesitan ayuda de los padres, para tener éxito en algunos programas o eventos de la escuela. Cuales son las razones que lo impiden para participar como voluntario en las actividades de la escuela?

School needs, what are they?

Value of my participation

Organizational Issues