Silvermine 10/2 Brainstorm

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Silvermine 10/2 Brainstorm by Mind Map: Silvermine 10/2 Brainstorm

1. What information I need

1.1. Lack of Communication

1.1.1. All notices go home on Wednesday folder

1.1.2. Communication embedded in school district

1.1.3. Automated call-out message

1.1.4. Silvermine info line / hotline Answering machine In English and Spanish

1.1.5. School Newsletter Increase readership Show information about progress Ideas for working with your child at home Deliver on a specific day of week Include content for children Use Drawings Include information about transportation Announce Upcoming Events Include stories about the school General Information

1.2. Our Students

1.2.1. Parents need consistent communication with all specialists

1.2.2. Tell me about my child's progress Use telephone to reach parents whose children are having difficulties

1.2.3. Encourage students to engage parents Read school material Read to me Help me with my homework

1.3. Support Reading and Learning

1.3.1. Family night activities Fun & Appealing Get children to motivate parents Food 6:30 pm South Norwalk Location Spooktacular One day every week Pizza Dinner Social Friday give families something to do on Friday's after school Community Building Activity

1.3.2. Parent Workshops

1.3.3. Reading Center Sharing books Recommended reading list Summer School Year Books are read by good readers Instructional for parents Exciting for children Books read in English and Spanish

1.3.4. Homework Support Reading every day Reading logs + incentives by PTO

2. Why it's hard to volunteer

2.1. School needs, what are they?

2.1.1. I don't know how to help

2.1.2. What is the impact of my participation?

2.1.3. Build a general awareness of the educational community

2.2. Value of my participation

2.2.1. Lack of ownership of issues Make everyone a PTO member and small dues

2.3. Organizational Issues

2.3.1. Babysitting Use a separate room from meeting

2.3.2. Don't know the time commitment Lead time for event commitment Yearly Steady Calendar of Events Knowing the specific time commitment would help ! Time and Work limit my schedule Volunteering opportunities occur at limited dates/times Beautification Day is only one day in school year PTO Meetings are on a night I cannot attend Carry out a census to find out the best time

2.3.3. Getting the word out Flyers in backpack Mail directly to house Emails Calendars on website School Directory via email + backpack Room Parent job to call or contact their class. Word of mouth Keep website up to date Paid webmaster

2.3.4. Information Authorization Separate card to be sent w/ emergency card to release name + personal info Beginning of year packet

2.3.5. I don't have transportation Help me network with others to find a ride School Directory Room Parents in my neighborhood Encourage male parents to connect and build motivation

2.3.6. Lack of organization within Spanish speaking community Carry out discussions in Spanish Share learnings and outcomes with entire community

2.3.7. Language PTO Meetings are mainly in English