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Creating and Growing Assets by Mind Map: Creating and Growing Assets
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Creating and Growing Assets

1. Set Up Income Streams

Physical Shops

Popcorn Pavilion


Online Shops


Kukuruza - Saudi


3. Manage by Metrics

1. Create,Share,Discuss Monthly Report

1. Key Employees

2. Advisors

2. Generate Action Plan for Improving Key Metrics

Set Goals

Identify Areas of Opportunity

Prioritize Tasks

Assign Tasks

3. Repeat Monthly

2. Track Key Performance Metrics



Average Ticket

Gross Sales

Sales Comps

Sales by Department

Payroll % of Sales

Sales - Payroll

Permission List Signups

Yelp Reviews

Online Shops


Average Ticket

Gross Sales

Sales by Department

Conversion Rate


Sales Comps

4. Reinvest

1. Identify Product Need & Market Segment

2. Generate Action Plan for Setting up new Income Stream

3. Organize the world around the success of the new enterprise