Present Simple and Present Progressive

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Present Simple and Present Progressive by Mind Map: Present Simple and Present Progressive

1. We can use

1.1. - To talk about actions

1.2. - Long term or permanent

2. Structure

2.1. Subject + verb + complement

2.1.1. They can be

2.2. Affirmative

2.2.1. She plays. Negative

2.2.2. She does not play.

2.2.3. Interrogative Does she play?

3. Structure

3.1. Subject + verb to be + verb ing + complement

3.1.1. They can be

3.2. Affirmative

3.2.1. He is reading a book.

3.2.2. Negative

3.3. He is not reading a book.

3.3.1. Interrogative

3.3.2. Is he reading a book?

4. Especific Rules

4.1. - If the verb ends in "o-ch-sh-x" should be added at the end of the verb "es".

4.2. - If the verb ends in "y" this is changed by "i" and added "es".

5. We can use

5.1. - To discuss current situations

5.2. - Short term or temporary

6. Specific Rules

6.1. - Verbs that finish in vowel "e" the "e"end of the verb is removed and added ing.

6.2. Verbs that finish in consonants including "y" ing it is added at the end.

6.3. Verbs have only one syllable ending in a vowel-consonant-vowel.