Methods to Teach English

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Methods to Teach English by Mind Map: Methods to Teach English

1. GTM

1.1. No L2 is spoken in the lesson

1.2. The aim is to read and write in the target language.

1.3. Teacher correction is available but not peer.

1.4. Very traditional and non consrtuctivist

2. Audio Lingual Method

2.1. Drills

2.1.1. Grammar exercises

2.2. Not communicative

2.3. Language labs

2.4. After WWII it was promoted

2.5. Repetition

3. Task Based Language Teaching

3.1. Aim is to accomplish tasks

3.1.1. meaningful

3.2. Task Cycle

3.2.1. Pretask

3.2.2. Task Planning, reporting

3.2.3. Language focus

3.3. Communicative

4. Content Based Language Teaching

4.1. Teaching Maths in English

4.2. No explicit/direct language teaching

4.3. Uses language to teacher another domain

5. Total Physical Response

5.1. Matching actions with words

5.2. Especially good for young lernars

5.2.1. Even today in kindergartens