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Ecology by Mind Map: Ecology

1. Photosynthesis

1.1. Make seeds

1.1.1. Flowering plants Angiosperms New Gold Lantana Common Sow-thistle Society Garlic Pink Poui Greater Periwinkle Chaparral Yucca Golden Barrel Cactus Orchid Tree Fuchsiaflower Gooseberry Bird of Paradise Flowers Four o’clocks Poinsettia Plantain Trailing Abutilon Kidney Weed Bamboos Common Pear Bottlebrushes Chilicothe Tillandsia Fendleri Scouler’s Surf Grass Queen Palm Tree Philodendron

1.1.2. No flowers Gymnosperms Stone Pine Araucaria California Incense-cedar Kusamaki

1.2. Do not make seeds

1.2.1. No stems Euglenozoa Pyropia Red Algae Diatom Giant Kelp Volvox Green Alage

1.2.2. Stems Rooted plants Ontario Rhodobryum Moss Philonotis Marchica Star Moss Bonfire Moss Seductive Entodon Moss Rhizoid plants Elaphoglossum Piloselloides Australian Tree Fern Polypody Ferns Black Maidenhair Fern Southern Sword Fern Hard Ferns

2. Non-photosynthesis

2.1. Animal

2.1.1. Terrestrial Viviparous Llama Oviparous Common Earthworm Ambigolimax House Centipede Western Fence Lizard Mallard Spotted Orbweavers Common Pillbug Gray Bird Grasshopper

2.1.2. Aquatic Breathe with gills California Spiny Chiton Rockfishes Typical Sculpins Striped Shore Crab Breathe with lungs Red-eared Slider breathe with feet Mediaster aequalis breathe through skin Common Comb Jelly Other respiratory systems Sponge Nematodes Rotifers Starburst Anemone California Mussel Red Turban Ostracods Symmetrical Sessile Barnacles

2.2. Fungi

2.2.1. Star Rosette Lichen Moon Lichen Boreal Beard Lichen

2.2.2. Pleurotus Giant Lentinus Orange Moss Agaric