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Moon landing by Mind Map: Moon landing

1. Guidelines

1.1. Anything goes!

1.2. No criticism or flaming allowed

1.3. The Wilder The Better

1.4. Quantity is Quality

1.5. Set a Time Limit

2. Cold war

2.1. War between USA and russia

2.1.1. Prove who is strongest

2.1.2. USa won. (they were the first on the moon

2.1.3. Russia was in first place a long time The first ever creature in space was the russian dog leika

2.2. Non vilent

2.3. Sience war

3. Hoex

3.1. For

3.1.1. They havent gotten up there agen

3.1.2. It was inpossible

3.1.3. We cant find landingsite or footprints

3.1.4. There were no shadows

3.2. Agenst

3.2.1. It is inpossible to that kind of spetial effect

3.2.2. The tape vould be 50 km long

3.2.3. The engine would have blastet it away

4. John f kennedys speach

4.1. "Whe choose to go to the moon"