What was life like in the Secret Annex?

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What was life like in the Secret Annex? by Mind Map: What was life like in the Secret Annex?

1. Who lived in the Secret Annex?

1.1. The Frank Family

1.1.1. Otto, Edith, Margo and Anne

1.2. The Van Pels Family

1.2.1. Hermann, Auguste, Peter

1.3. Fritz Pfeffer

2. Daily Life

2.1. completely silent during the day

2.2. read, study, write

2.3. only one bathroom with a washbasin with cold water

2.4. curtains closed during the day

3. Who helped?

3.1. Miep Gies

3.2. Bep Boskugl

3.3. Jo Kleiman

3.4. Jan Gies

3.5. Victor Kugler

4. Why did the Frank family have to hide?

4.1. Germany invaded the Netherlands and the Frank family was afraid for their lives.

5. How did the Frank family hide?

5.1. They had help from Otto Franks business partners

5.2. There was a bookcase that led to a secret staircase where they all hid

6. Who survived after being discovered?

6.1. Only Otto Frank survived