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1. Finding useful information

1.1. Questions to ask myself

1.1.1. When was it made? Is it new? Is it old?

1.1.2. Who is the author? Are they an organisation? Are they a professional in the area they are talking about?

1.1.3. What are their motivations for spreading this information? Are they trying to sell me something? Are they trying to convince me of something? Do they have any biases about any issues?

1.1.4. Am I able to use this information? Is the information on this website protected by Copyright? Does the information fall under Creative Commons? Will I get in trouble if I use this information as my own work? The Answer to this is always YES!

2. How to find information on the web

2.1. Search Engines

2.1.1. Google

2.1.2. Yahoo

2.1.3. Bing

2.1.4. DuckDuckGo

2.1.5. Dogpile

2.1.6. Yippy

3. Staying safe on the web

3.1. NEVER

3.1.1. Provide anyone with your personal information

3.1.2. Share personal images of yourself

3.1.3. Share personal images of other people without their knowledge or consent

3.1.4. Provide credit card details online

3.1.5. Engage in Cyber Bullying behaviour online If you wouldn't say it to someones face, don't say it to them online


3.2.1. Be open an honest about your online activity with your parents/guardians

3.2.2. Make sure that your privacy settings on your social media accounts are on PRIVATE

3.2.3. Be careful if talking to strangers online

3.2.4. Say something to someone if you see anything inappropriate online - especially on social media

3.3. Top tips

3.4. Internet safety rules