Jim & Deb Principal Teachers

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Jim & Deb Principal Teachers by Mind Map: Jim & Deb Principal Teachers

1. Andy Cook leading for PKC on this

2. Robertson's Reporters

2.1. Who? P7 or S1?

2.2. Programme of events

3. School visits

3.1. Get to know pupils

3.2. Get to know parents

3.3. Get in touch with some parents?

4. Integrate

4.1. PGS

4.2. Inclusion Team PKC

5. Mindfulness

5.1. Donna Cromb - Meeting JM and DS

5.1.1. Proposal to be submitted relating to support to be provided to BP Quote from D Crombe

5.2. Daily slots?

5.3. 10 mins at beginning of day?

5.4. What would it take for all staff to roll this out?

5.5. Mindfulness in Schools Project

5.5.1. DS and JM signed up for .begin course

5.6. Research into effectiveness of MiSP

5.7. The Psychologist Article

6. Growth Mindset

6.1. What would it take to roll out?

6.1.1. Consultation with Sonia Grant from Mindset UK in October

6.2. Staff development

6.3. When in timetable?

6.4. Or sewn throughout?

6.5. See HT at Craigie Primary for hiring expert to provide in-service (Mary Frances' idea)

7. PSE Programme

7.1. Start with what is out there already

7.2. Are we missing a trick?

7.3. What can we put in that others struggle with?

7.4. What's currently needed?

7.5. What currently done poorly that could be better?

7.6. Mentors in Violence Prevention

7.7. Ask community what they want their kids to know about?

7.8. First opportunity to use VLE

8. Enhanced Provision

8.1. Transition for EP pupils?

8.2. Deb to liaise with Susie & Dorothy asap

8.2.1. Deb meeting Dorothy 14.9.18

8.3. Attend meeting on 28 June

9. DYW

9.1. Develop local partnerships

9.1.1. AVIVA visit

9.2. Ideas here

9.3. Breadalbane docs here

10. Rights Respecting Schools

10.1. Timescale

10.1.1. What would it take to get this?

10.2. Plan

10.2.1. PKC contact: Jan Westall [email protected]

10.2.2. Jane's email from Sept 18 here

11. Digital Schools Award

11.1. Website

11.2. Register by end of Aug 2019

11.3. self-evaluation throughout session 2019/20

11.4. Submit evaluation by April 2020

11.5. Validation visit by end June 2020

11.6. Awarded Digital Schools Status by June 2020

12. Equity

12.1. Cost of school Day

12.1.1. Hidden costs uniform music tuition - HE - Tech trips

12.1.2. NHS Scotland Sept 18 resources Full video introduction Cost of School Day Toolkit

12.2. ACORN profile of P7/S1

12.3. Sanitary

12.3.1. SG requirements for sanitary products

12.3.2. What do we need to make this happen?

13. IT

13.1. Microsoft Innovative Educators

13.1.1. Scheme by MS for staff training

13.1.2. All staff MIE certified by June 2019?

13.1.3. Microsoft accredited courses for pupils

13.1.4. Staff to apply to be accredited MIE Experts (List announced every August)

13.2. Familiarity with Teams

13.2.1. As communication tool

13.2.2. As Virtual Learning Environment

13.2.3. Microsoft training videos

14. Mental Health First Aiders

14.1. Self Regulation

14.2. Jim and Deb to Explore SEAL lessons

14.3. Jim & Deb during 2018/19

14.3.1. One day course £75 JM and DS completing course currently. JM consulted with trainer about doing a session with our staff but she could not deliver until August 2018.

14.4. Programme in place for all new starts - qualified by June 2019

15. Transition events

15.1. June 2019

15.1.1. S2 Leadership team identified

15.2. P7 to S1 (6/7th June)

15.2.1. S2 LT to be used as peer supporters

15.2.2. John Muir Award

15.2.3. Willowgate Activity Centre to be used as a venue. Draft programme has been recieved for 6th and 7th June.

15.2.4. Choir project? All Primaries learn their parts separately, brought together on one of the transition days for bringing together & public perfrmance Who does the music arrangement? Who coordinates the day? Who is Musical Director? PT Music in post long enough?

15.3. S1 to S2 Transition

15.3.1. John Muir Award

15.3.2. Possibly use Willowgate again. Potentially look at some afternoons/full days in June.

16. Anti-bullying

16.1. Kiva Program

16.1.1. Website

16.2. Dean Goddard

16.2.1. [email protected]

16.2.2. [email protected]

16.2.3. 07511 683811