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TicketMaster by Mind Map: TicketMaster

1. Customer Service

1.1. Customer Experience: makes sure online information is updated for the day of an event

1.2. Guest Service: greeting guests, providing information and directions, assisting with problems/issues, and controlling ticket access points throughout the venue

1.3. Online Support: provides answers to questions from phone calls and emails to clients

1.4. Ticket Taker: scan guest tickets and allow entry into the venue

1.5. VIP Staff: maintain safety procedures, and engage with VIP guests to assist with their needs before, during and after the show to ensure they have a great experience throughout the venue

2. Financial

2.1. Accountant: supports critical accounting functions for divisional reporting and consolidation

2.2. Financial Analyst: responsible for providing both high level and detailed analysis, monthly forecast projections, assist in execution and deployment of annual budget and monthly reports

2.3. Event Sales: Sell and organize parties and special events by market segment as determined and assigned by the Director of Sales

2.4. Investor Relations Analyst: supports the development, management and execution of the company’s institutional Investor Relations program

2.5. Revenue Management: responsible for supporting the revenue management organization’s ticket supply and pricing strategies

3. Marketing

3.1. Digital Marketing: supports all brand digital channels while communicating and coordinating with potential partners

3.2. Email Marketing: responsible for assisting in proofing, designing, managing and analyzing all aspects of email marketing

3.3. Bilingual Client Marketing: delivers the full range of our digital Marketing assets and services to all North American countries

3.4. Social Media Marketing: plans and executes social and digital efforts to build platforms and gain exposure for shows

3.5. Project Coordinator: supports client sponsorships, programs and activities as well as maximizes the value of client relationships

4. Production

4.1. Lighting Engineer: assists in all on-site lighting & stage set up with a focus in lighting adjustments to artist or event specifications

4.2. Ticketing Coordinator: generate and report daily ticket counts as well as maintaining ticket count system/sales

4.3. Sound Engineer: Assists in all aspects of stage operations mainly focusing on sound

4.4. Security: provides safety, order and protection the venue property

4.5. Stagehand: ensures the success of show and event productions by performing the technical aspects related to the shows production

5. Web Developing

5.1. Software Engineer: solve complex technical issues

5.2. Technical Analyst: auditing, analyzing and executing on technical SEO initiatives on all Ticketmaster online properties

5.3. Data Engineer: develop data products and services for Ticketmaster clients

5.4. Account Manager: design and develop digital applications for ticketing and promotional services

5.5. Support Specialist: knowledgable in the online services to help TicketMaster members as well as clients