Difference between Input and Output Devices

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Difference between Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Difference between Input and Output Devices

1. MicroSoft Office

2. It helps the user perform the tasks of his/her choice.

3. Benefits and Challenges

4. Application to Learning

5. Benefits

6. Prepares students for the future, increases students engagement and motivation. Teachers can design student centered lessons. Research, doing papers, lectures and discussions.

7. Funding,allocating limited educational resources to make computer technology widely available and upgrading.

8. Challenges

9. Internet Explorer

10. Mouse

11. Difference between hardware and software

12. Software: a set of computer instructions that tells a computer how to function.

12.1. Google Chrome

13. Printers

14. Output Devices

14.1. Monitor

15. Output is the equipment which is used to send the data or information from the computer to other devices.

16. In a computer it is used to provide/insert the data and information into the computer.

17. Input Devices

17.1. Mouse

17.2. Keyboard

18. Hardware: components that take in data

18.1. Computer