My New Mind Map On Theoretical Perspectives

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My New Mind Map On Theoretical Perspectives by Mind Map: My New Mind Map On Theoretical Perspectives

1. Nativist Perspective

1.1. Noam Chomsky

1.2. The main focus of Language Knowledge is Syntactic

1.3. (LAD) language acquisition device - View Notes

1.4. Focus is on Nature

1.5. Activity: Talking Time (see notes)

2. Cognitive Developmentalist

2.1. Jean Piaget

2.2. Semantic & Morphemic Knowledge

2.3. Object Permanence, Schemata, Objective Permanenc View Notes

2.4. Focus is on Nature

2.5. Activity: Songs and Finger Plays(see notes)

3. Bahaviorist Perspective

3.1. B. F. SKinner

3.2. The Focus on Language Knowledge is Syntactic, Semantic and Morphemic

3.3. Type of learning is called operant conditioning (see notes)

3.4. Activity: Mother May I

4. Interactionist Perspective

4.1. Lev Vygotsky

4.2. The Focus of Language Knowledge is Pragmaic

4.3. Main Focus in on Process not Prduct

4.4. Activity : Using eniromental Print (see Notes