Financing for Health Care

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Financing for Health Care by Mind Map: Financing   for   Health Care

1. Lesson 1

1.1. Recap of Singapore Healthcare System (Schemes & Subsidies)

1.1.1. Medisave

1.1.2. Medishield Life

1.1.3. Medifunds

1.1.4. Eldershield

1.1.5. Subsidies & Subventions

2. Lesson 2

2.1. Subsidies

2.1.1. Government grant given by hospital to subsidized patients to fulfill subsidy targets. e.g. CHAS (Blue/Orange/PG), ILTC, GST Subsidy

2.2. Subvention

2.2.1. Amount of funding given to healthcare providers to provide subsidized services. e.g. Global Budget Subvention

3. Lesson 3

3.1. What can Medisave be used for?

3.2. Health screenings, vaccinations and treatments for chronic diseases

3.3. Hospitalisation and Surgery

3.4. Cancer therapies, dialysis and more

3.5. Paying premiums for MediShield Life, Integrated Shield Plans and Elder Shield

3.6. End-of-life care

4. Lesson 4

4.1. Public Health Insurance

4.1.1. Catastrophic Medical Insurance Medishield Life

4.1.2. Long Term Care Insurance Eldershield

4.2. Employer Medical Insurance Benefits

4.2.1. Employee benefits generally helps for acute or short term illnesses

4.3. Integrated Shield Plans

4.3.1. Public Insurance + Private insurance

5. Lesson 5

5.1. Who is qualified for Medifunds?

5.1.1. Subsidised Singaporean Patient

5.1.2. Inability to pay healthcare bills despite receiving Government subsidies and drawing on other means of payments including MediShield Life/Integrated Plans, Medisave and cash.

5.2. Types of Approval

5.2.1. Prequalified (Auto)

5.2.2. Straight forward (MSW)

5.2.3. Non Straight forward (Medifund Committee)

6. Lesson 6

6.1. Financial counselling

6.1.1. Choice of Class Ward (Primarily Private or Subsidized)

6.1.2. 2. To proceed or not to proceed with treatment

6.1.3. Seek Alternative options at other Institutions

6.1.4. Standard or Non Standard Option

6.2. Means testing

6.2.1. Individual In patient admission

6.2.2. Household Means testing Inpatient downgrading, SOC Enhanced Subsidy ILTC Subsidy Medifund Application CHAS Application