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Famous Explorers by Mind Map: Famous Explorers
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Famous Explorers

Christopher Columbus


Christopher Columbus was born in Italy around 1450. However, under the patronage of the Spanish Monarch, he became one of the most famous explorers.  

Discovered America?

Christopher Columbus believed that by sailing West, he eventually arrive in the East! In 1492, he set sail with three ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. After 3 months at sea, land was spotted. It was not the East, but what would later become known as North America!

Vasco de Gama

Sailed to India

Vasco de Gama was lead the first expidition around the tip of South Africa to India

Dangerous journey

The journey around the tip of South Africa is one of the roughest sea routes in the world. This was a long journey there and back. Many sailors suffered from scurvey

Ferdinand Magellan

Around the world!

Magellan's expidition was the first ever to successfully sail around the world. He set sail with 260 men and 5 ships

Straights of Magellan

The tip of South America are known as the straights of Magellan, after the famous explorer

Death in the Philippines

On a stop for supplies in the philippines, Magellan got into a fight with locals. Sadly, he was killed. The crew continued on the return voyage without their captain

Bartholomew Diaz

First to South Africa

Bartholomew Diaz was the first explorer to reach the tip of South Africa. He had hoped to go around the tip to find a route to India. Unfortunately he failed in this aspect and returned home to Portugal