HSIE: Local Government

my mind map for HSIE lesson plan

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HSIE: Local Government by Mind Map: HSIE: Local Government

1. Council's duties and responsibilities

2. Mayor

3. Effective service implementation

4. 12 Members?

5. Elections

6. Decision Making

7. Environment Protection

8. Planning Asessment

9. Library Services

10. Parks

11. Infrastructure

11.1. Traffic, Roads, Drains, Street Lighting, Footpaths, Land and Building and Civic Precinct

12. Recycling collection

13. Class Discussion

14. Brainstorming

15. Class Vote on Mayor

15.1. choose 5 students with best responses on why they should be Mayor. Allow them to read the class what they have to offer and do a silent class vote and nominate a Mayor.

16. Overview

16.1. Class Discussion - overview of topic and background information

16.2. Brainstorming

16.2.1. Services provided by council

16.2.2. Who are Councillors and the Mayor and their role within the Council?

16.3. Activity

16.3.1. 'Vote for Me' Poster Class Vote on Mayor

17. Activity

17.1. 'Vote for Me' Poster

17.1.1. students design a poster on A4 paper of a picture of themselves and provide reasons why they should be elected as Mayor