International Relations with Mrs. Quinn - UAS 2006-07

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International Relations with Mrs. Quinn - UAS 2006-07 by Mind Map: International Relations with Mrs. Quinn - UAS 2006-07

1. From March to May with Ms. Doussette - Projects

1.1. Genocide

1.1.1. Rwandan Genocide Documentary Shake Hands with the Devil- Romeo Dallaire's Journey Articles Bystandards of Genocide Assignment Write an Essay on Rwandan Genocide 5 Paragraphs Come up with 3 arguments Support your arguments

1.2. UN Peacekeeping

1.2.1. Romeo Daillaire's life as a peacekeeper

1.2.2. Projects Create a Poster Divide into groups of 4 or 5 Present all you think you know about peacekeeping War and Peace If you want peace, prepare for war Take a stand whether you agree or disagree with the latin quote Support your thesis with 3 arguments write an essay of at least 5paragraphs Peacekeeping in countries Find a partner Usethe UNpeacekeeping website Choose one of the past or current conflicts Create a Power Point presentation explaining the whole conflict Create a quiz or a game to test the class Choose one and do the project individually or in a group Here i am Traveling Brouchour Board Game A to Z of Peacekeeping

2. 1st Semester

2.1. Forms of Government

2.1.1. Capitalism

2.1.2. Socialism

2.1.3. Communism

2.2. Study of International Relations

2.2.1. Conservative

2.2.2. Revolutionary

2.2.3. Liberal

2.3. United Nations

2.3.1. Security Council Model United Nations Choose any of the 15 Countries Research About Your country Create your speech Write a resolution attend the conferance Debate

2.3.2. ICJ

2.3.3. General Assembly

2.3.4. Trusteeship

2.3.5. ECOSOC

2.3.6. Secretariat

2.4. Philosophers

2.4.1. Machiavelli

2.4.2. Mill

2.4.3. Locke

3. 2nd semester

3.1. United Nations

3.2. Terrorism

3.3. War

3.4. Pacifism