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www.theUberCloud.com by Mind Map: www.theUberCloud.com

1. What does UberCloud let you do?

1.1. Run simulations the way you want

1.1.1. No cutting corners

1.1.2. Access from anywhere

1.1.3. HPC and CAE support

1.2. Lower overall costs

1.2.1. No need to buy hardware

1.2.2. Use on-demand software license

1.2.3. Give your IT team a break

1.3. Get to market faster

1.3.1. Simulations run faster

1.3.2. Run multiple simulations in parallel

1.3.3. Use optimization tools

2. Who is UberCloud for?

2.1. Mechanical Engineers

2.2. Simulation Specialists

2.2.1. CFD

2.2.2. FEA

2.2.3. EM

2.3. Designers

2.3.1. Use simulation early in the development process

2.3.2. Democratization of CAE

2.3.3. Eg. ANSYS Discovery Live!