360Stories Project Scope

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360Stories Project Scope by Mind Map: 360Stories Project Scope

1. Mobile Interface (iOS+Android)

1.1. 8. Main page

1.1.1. Similar to Web

1.2. 9. City Page

1.2.1. Stories List

1.2.2. Experiences List

1.3. User profile

1.3.1. Edit profile

1.4. 10. Native Viewer buttons

1.4.1. WebVR viewer all similar functions

1.4.2. Functional button Hide icons Sharing Cardboard Icon Map ADD STORY

1.5. 11. 360 Video viewer

1.5.1. Same as Web

1.6. Booking Interfaces

1.7. 12. Add story

1.7.1. Same as Web

2. 1. Branding


2.1.1. We will provide the marketing basis

2.1.2. Update the logo

2.1.3. Update corporate colors + style

2.1.4. Come with new style and vision for Web+Mobile+VR

2.2. Design of Pitch Deck

2.3. Optional

2.3.1. Email signature

2.3.2. Social media cover

2.3.3. Digital Letterhead

2.3.4. Social Media sharing tumbnail

3. Continents

3.1. Asia

3.2. Europe

3.2.1. Armenia Tatev Monastry Haghpat Monastry Republic Square Cascade

3.2.2. Amsterdam Dam square User Stories Experiences Vangoge Museum

3.2.3. Barcelona

3.3. Latin America

4. 2. VR Interface (Oculus Go)

4.1. 1. Menu

4.1.1. Loading

4.1.2. Select destination Logo Navigation Lang/Currency switch Search List of cities - 16 Optional - 35 (in next 6 months)

4.1.3. First point of the city Menu Stories Experiences Suggestion Menu Previous story Suggested Experience Next story

4.2. 2. Viewer

4.2.1. Basic Viewer Cube based images from server (for points) Hotspots Show stories icons

4.2.2. Action videos (360 Video player) Play/Pause button Timeline Total time Loading bar Booking window

4.2.3. Tour Slide Show Play/Pause button Slider line Total slides Position Booking window

4.3. 3. Stories

4.3.1. Featured Story Story Images Main image Secondary images Timeline Main text window at the end Audio Pre-recorded Using Google API Subtitles Full text subtitles Feeding in sync with Audio Instead of User info - Just icon Controls Play/Pause buttons Timeline Custom design per each story (skins) Animations Positions Sizes

4.3.2. User Story Main image Secondary images in slider Main text window User info Date: When published Title Main Text with slider Like Like count Comment box Commenting system Virtual Keyboard Commenting window Commenting audio Recording Play

4.4. 4. Tour Booking

4.4.1. 360 Video Player Play/Pause button Timeline Total time Loading bar

4.4.2. Sort by date (latest)

4.4.3. Tour Information Tour title Duration (hours) Description (hidden) Book Button

4.4.4. Booking functional Booking window Title Description Phone number Email

4.5. Analytics integration

4.5.1. MixApp

4.5.2. Analytics

5. 3. Web + Mobile web Interface

5.1. 1. Main page

5.1.1. Navigation Menu Login Lang switch Currency switch Navigation Tree Search Excluding main page

5.1.2. Search Search results suggest (like kkday.com) Search results list

5.1.3. Marketing text + moto + engaging photo

5.1.4. Attractions block Box of attraction Load more

5.1.5. Stories block Box of Top User Stories Load more

5.1.6. Experiences block Box of Random Experience Load more

5.1.7. Destinations block Box of cities/countries Show all 16 cities (35 in future)

5.1.8. Footer Socials Menu Logo + Copyright Apps download Latest blog posts

5.2. 2. Destination page

5.2.1. Navigation

5.2.2. Destination Name+Photo

5.2.3. All Stories for Destination

5.2.4. All Experiences for Destination

5.2.5. Top Popular User Stories

5.3. 2.2. Stories

5.3.1. List view

5.3.2. Map View

5.3.3. Box design Photo Title User info Date

5.4. 2.3. Experiences

5.4.1. List view only

5.4.2. Box design Image (360 with parallax scroll) Title Rating Price Duration

5.4.3. Filtered Activities Attractions(ticket) Tours Experiences

5.4.4. Price Range

5.5. 3. PLACE PAGE (VR Viewer interface)

5.5.1. WebVR view Inner page (with Stories)

5.5.2. Navigation Logo Navigation tree Login/Join Lang switch Currency switch Search

5.5.3. List of all user stories

5.5.4. List of all experiences

5.5.5. Functional button Stories Experiences Suggest icon Hide/Show icons Sharing Full Screen Embed code Map ADD STORY

5.5.6. Suggestion window Previos Story Next Story Suggested experience to buy

5.6. 4. 360 Video Player interface

5.6.1. Navigation Logo Navigation tree Login Lang switch Currency switch Search Excluding main page

5.6.2. Functional button Sharing Full Screen Embed code

5.6.3. Booking window Information Title Price Description Duration Location Add to wishlist Reviews window Booking button Similar tours suggestion

5.7. 360 Photo slideshow

5.7.1. Navigation Logo Navigation tree Login Lang switch Currency switch Search Excluding main page

5.7.2. Functional button Sharing Full Screen Embed code

5.7.3. Type Switch Ground video Aerial video

5.7.4. Booking window Information Title Price Description Duration Location Add to wishlist Reviews window Booking button Similar tours suggestion

5.8. 5. Add story

5.8.1. Title

5.8.2. Description

5.8.3. Photos upload

5.8.4. Video upload + Youtube/Vimeo

5.9. Profile page

5.9.1. Edit profile

5.9.2. 6. User profile Profile Info Photo Name Short bio Location Wishlist Attractions Experiences My Stories List Booked experiences (history)

5.10. Login/Sign up

5.11. Blog

5.11.1. Blog list

5.11.2. Blog page

5.12. 7. Checkout Interface

5.12.1. Standard interface

5.12.2. Specific checkout form based on vendor

5.13. Content pages

5.13.1. About page Basic outline for one simple page (so our designer could create all other simple/not functional pages)

5.13.2. Business services page