Steve Jobs A Career in Excellence

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Steve Jobs A Career in Excellence by Mind Map: Steve Jobs A Career in Excellence

1. 1955

1.1. Born February 24, San Francisco, CA

1.2. to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali

1.3. Given up for adoption and raised by

1.3.1. Paul and Clara Jobs

2. 1971

2.1. Attends Hewlett Packard sponsored after school talks

2.2. Hired as an HP summer employee

2.3. Meets Steve Wozniak

3. 1972

3.1. Enrolls at Reed College

3.2. Drops out after one semester

3.3. Continues to audit courses

3.3.1. including caligraphy Jobs would later go on to comment, "If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts."

4. 1974/1975

4.1. Jobs begins attending meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club together with Wozniak

4.2. Takes job at Atari as a technician

4.2.1. saving money with the ultimate goal of travelling to India for a spiritual retreat

4.3. Travels to India with former Reed College friend Daniel Kottke

4.3.1. Kottke will go on to become Apple's first employee

4.4. Jobs returns to Atari

4.4.1. Founder Nolan Bushnell challenges employees to create a circuit board for the game Breakout $100/chip that could be removed from the circuit board Jobs cuts a deal with Wozniak to split the profits evenly Wozniak creates a circuit board so refined that it can not be duplicated on a production line

5. 1976

5.1. Apple Computer Company is founded

5.1.1. Steve Jobs

5.1.2. Steve Wozniak

5.1.3. Ronald Wayne sells his stake 2 weeks later for $2300

5.1.4. Mike Markkula

6. 1977

6.1. Apple is incorporated to Apple Computer Inc.

6.1.1. New company buys out original partnership

6.2. Apple II is launched

6.2.1. becomes the world's first widely used computer

7. 1978

7.1. Apple recruits Mike Scott from National Semiconductor to serve as CEO

8. 1980

8.1. Apple III launched

8.2. Apple Computer Inc. goes public

8.2.1. Stock prices rise from $22/share to $29/share on the first day of trading

9. 1981

9.1. Jobs rolls up his sleeves and becomes personally involved with the Macintosh product line development

9.1.1. originally started by Jef Raskin

10. 1983

10.1. Jobs recruits John Scully from Pepsi to serve as CEO and President of Apple Computer Inc.

10.2. His pitch?

10.2.1. "Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?"

10.3. First mouse controlled computer, Lisa is launched

10.3.1. Fail

11. 1984

11.1. Apple launches Macintosh

11.2. Now iconic 1984 superbowl ad showcases, "Why 1984, won't be like 1984"

12. 1985

12.1. An industry wide sales slump causes Jobs and Scully to bang heads

12.2. May

12.2.1. after a significant power struggle between Jobs and Scully, along with an announcement of significant layoffs, Jobs is removed from his position as Head of Macintosh Development He takes 5 Apple Computer Inc. employees with him

12.3. Founds NeXT Inc., later renamed to NeXT Computer Inc.

12.3.1. Strong focus on high end technology and design Mach Kernel Digital Signal Process chip Built in Ethernet port

13. 1986

13.1. Purchase The Graphics Group from George Lucas for less than $10M

13.1.1. Later named Pixar Animation Studios

14. 1989

14.1. NeXT launches "The Cube"

14.1.1. $6500

14.1.2. Monochrome monitor

14.1.3. Fails in the marketplace, save for a few high end buyers

14.2. NeXTSTEP technology serves as the foundation for what will become OS X

15. 1995

15.1. Toy Story is released

15.1.1. A joint venture between Disney and Pixar

15.1.2. A resounding commercial and technical success

16. 1996

16.1. Apple Computer Inc. announces their acquisition of NeXT Computer Inc.

16.1.1. $427M

16.1.2. Jobs becomes "advisor" to then Chairman Gil Amelio

17. 1997

17.1. May

17.1.1. Gil Amelio is ousted as Chairman

17.2. September

17.2.1. Jobs becomes "Interim" CEO of Apple Computer Inc. Receives an annual salary of $1

18. 1998

18.1. Jobs focuses on returning Apple to profitability, kills further development of:

18.1.1. Newton

18.1.2. Cyberdog

18.1.3. OpenDoc

18.2. Apple launches the "all in one" iMac

18.2.1. sells over 1M units

18.2.2. revives Apple's financial status Stock price jumps 400% Returns to profibability records 4 consecutive quarters of profitability

18.2.3. Wins Gold Award from British Design and Art Direction

18.2.4. Vogue: "one of Spring's hottest fashion statements"

18.2.5. Business Week: "one of the century's lasting images."

19. 2000

19.1. "Interim" dropped from Jobs' official title

19.2. Jokes that his official title should be iCEO

20. 2001

20.1. Apple Computer Inc. enters the consumer electronics market with the launch of the now iconic iPod

21. 2003

21.1. Jobs announces the creation of the iTunes Music Store

21.1.1. which will sell encoded music

21.2. Changes the music industry forever

22. 2004

22.1. Jobs is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

22.1.1. He receives treatment and returns to work by September

22.2. More than 4.4 million iPods are sold during the 2004 fiscal year

23. 2007

23.1. iPhone is announced

23.1.1. One of the very first smartphones without a keyboard

24. 2008

24.1. December

24.1.1. Jobs announces that he will not be delivering the keynote, or attending the upcoming MacWorld Expo

24.1.2. Rumors circulate about his health

25. 2009

25.1. January

25.1.1. Jobs' dramatic weight loss is described as a Hormonal Imbalance Says that his medical condition will not affect his performance as CEO

25.1.2. Approximately one week later Jobs announces a Leave of Absence from Apple until June, as his medical situation had changed

25.1.3. COO Tim Cook is appointed to handle the day-today operations of Apple Computer Inc.

25.1.4. Apple confirms that Jobs will still be involved in strategic decisions

25.2. June

25.2.1. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jobs has undergone a liver transplant

25.2.2. A Tennessee hospital later issues a statement confirming the operation

25.2.3. Apple confirms that Jobs will return to work by the end of the month

26. 2010

26.1. January

26.1.1. Apple launches the iPad Changes the game again, and makes tablet based computing a viable market alternative to notebooks

26.2. September

26.2.1. Jobs announces the second generation of Apple TV Streaming video from the internet or mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad directly to TV sets

27. 2011

27.1. January

27.1.1. Apple announces that Jobs is taking a Medical Leave of Absence Raises another round of questions regarding Jobs' health Also sparks questions about Apple's Stock Product Development Business Operations

27.2. March

27.2.1. Suspends his Leave of Absence to present the iPad 2

27.3. June

27.3.1. Still technically on leave, Jobs appears at the Worldwide Developers conference Announces iOS5 iCloud

27.3.2. Appears before Cupertino City Council and proposes to build a spaceship like campus for Apple

27.4. August

27.4.1. Jobs officially steps down as Apple Computer Inc. CEO He can, "no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO." COO Tim Cook assumes the CEO role

27.4.2. Remains Chairman of the Board at Apple Computer Inc.