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Eliezer by Mind Map: Eliezer

1. His father: When Elie is first separated from his family, he chooses to stay with his father instead of going with his mother and sisters. Throughout the book Elie does everything in his power to stay with his father and protect him. Elie cares and looks out for his father until his father eventually dies.

1.1. Idek: A crazy Kapo at Buna who beats Elie's father

2. Moshe the Beadle: At the beginning of the novel, Elie is a very religious boy. He wanted a religious teacher and found one in Moshe. He really respected and admired Moshe. However when Moshe is then taken away to the concentration camp and then returns, their relationship is different. Elie doesn't believe what Moshe says about the camps. Moshe is no longer a religious man after his experience in the camps, and his and Elie's relationship fades.

3. Franek: Kept Elie near his father when they worked at Buna, but then drops his nice attitude, demanding Elie's gold crown. He becomes cruel and torures Elie's father until Elie gives him his gold crown. Franek's willing torment of Elie's father shows a loss in humanity in the camps.

4. Meir Katz: A friend of Elie's father, who saves Elie's life at Buna when an attacker tries to strangle Elie.

5. Yossi and Tibbi: Two brothers that befriend Elie in Buna who make a plan with Elie to move to Palestine after the war.

6. Alphonse: A German Jew who is the head of the musician's block. He provided extra rations for the young and weak.

7. Juliek: A Polish musician who warns Elie about Idek. He gives a performance from a Beethoven concerto and is found dead the next day with his violin broken.

8. Stein of Antwerp: Introduces himself to Elie and his father at Auschwitz and asks news about his family. Elie lies to him and tells them they are fine so as to not worry him, and in exchange Stein gives them half rations of bread.