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Communication by Mind Map: Communication
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Steps to creating a Presentation

Things you should avoid when making a presentation

When making a presentation it is important to remember 4 things concerning your delivery of your presentation

Provide Entertaining Questions/Answers for you audience to provide a solid connection. You do not want to drift off subject or begin to bore your audience.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Three Pronged Communication

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programing is the basic communication system pre programed into the human brain. It dictates that not all communication in humans is verbal and the majority of it is nonverbal and body language. To be socially competent one must be aware of other forms of communication.

The estimated statistics of ways communication is carried out by humans

The Basics of Communication

Social Competence

Personal Development

Conveying a Message

The Behaviors of Communication

Behaviors in communication are important to notice. The more attention you pay to certain characteristics and emotions presented by both parties in communication the more you will understand what is trying to be communicated.

Behaviors Concerning Communication

Establishing a Social Identity

A social identity is how we present ourselves to others and how they perceive us.

All of the following may be broken down further but ultimately dictate how ones social identity is formed

Ways a social identity may be established

Other Factors of communication

Defense instincts

Quality of Expression

Verbal Agressivness