Resistance to Post-Secondary

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Resistance to Post-Secondary by Mind Map: Resistance to Post-Secondary

1. University

1.1. Money

1.2. Parents that are misinformed

1.3. Distance to home

1.4. accommodation resitrictions

1.5. student needs high grades

1.6. lack of research

1.7. theory based

1.8. no prior family member has attended

1.9. lack of programs that interest students

1.10. stereotypes about students

1.11. lack of supports for special education students

1.12. student debt

1.13. lack of hands on experience

1.14. unsure of final job

1.15. fear of being unsuccessful

1.16. needing to support family

1.17. teachers telling them that they should not attend

1.18. minimum 4 years of study

2. College

2.1. parents expectations

2.2. lack of university degree

2.3. stereotypes of society thinking it is a lesser pathway

2.4. only students with struggles attend college

2.5. misinformed parents

2.6. lack of awareness (different types of programs)

2.7. assumption that financial success comes from university pathway

2.8. affordability

2.9. types of students attending

2.10. lack of student life

2.11. professors are not as good as university

2.12. the schooling is a joke

2.13. students do not learn anything

2.14. will still have to take additional courses

2.15. too easy

3. Apprenticeship

3.1. stereotypes of society

3.2. lack of parents support

3.3. lack of information

3.4. course restrictions in schools

3.5. distance to program

3.6. will require manual labour

3.7. limited options

3.8. have to work

3.9. only for students with learning disabilities

3.10. unaware of opportunities

3.11. fear of not having a degree or diploma

3.12. do not see themselves working in the trades

3.13. have to find their own employer