ROCK: Reach Out Centre For Kids (birth-18yrs.)

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ROCK: Reach Out Centre For Kids (birth-18yrs.) by Mind Map: ROCK: Reach Out Centre For Kids (birth-18yrs.)

1. ROCK recognizes, welcomes, and accepts the diversity of clients and their families with respect to "race, national or ethnic ancestry, place of origin, colour, religion, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, marital status, family status, mental or physical disability, or language.

2. ROCK provides Residential Services - -treatment for youth between 12-15 years old. This intensive family-based treatment program is for children/ youth struggling with significant mental health challenges.

3. Telephone support is available (staff work with parents to help them understand the social, emotional, and developmental needs of children)

4. A psychological assessment can be made through ROCK. Diagnosing possible mental illness, in addition to understanding a child's specific strengths and weaknesses across a variety of areas. Staff can use this information to decide on the next step in treatment.

5. Psychology Services Psychology assessment/consultations are considered for children and youth when there is a concern about learning developmental, cognitive and/or social emotional functioning. The assessment process may consist of interviews with parents and other professions, observation, and individual testing.

6. Trained consultants work in the home and child care centres helping parents and caregivers understand the social, emotional and developmental needs of children aged 2-6.

7. Mission: to respond to the unique needs of children, youth, adults and their families Goal: ROCK aims to improve the lives and relationships of families with children who are having social, emotional and behavioural problems.

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8. Specialized consultation and assessment services: staff helps determine what services and supports will meet individual needs

9. ROCK is a multi-service organization providing services to children and youth from birth to 18 years of age and their families.

10. Services are provided in American Sign Language, English, hearing impaired, and interpreters for other languages, if needed.

11. ROCK functions on a multidisciplinary team basis (meaning the staff specialize in a number of different areas: psychology, social work, therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, education, early childhood education, family and individual counselling, and child and youth counselling)

12. Individual Therapy Group Therapy/Parenting Crisis Response Program Behavioural Consultation and Intervention Psychological and Diagnostic Assessment

13. Occupational Therapy Services are available to children over 2 years old. This helps children to develop independence in daily activities (such as play, feeding and toileting).

14. Applied Behaviour Analysis Services Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) (evidence based approach to learning that reinforces positive behaviours and reduces problematic ones) Services are available based on an assessment of the child or youth’s specific needs.

15. ROCK promises that clients will: "be treated with dignity, respect, honesty, and integrity. Be and feel safe. Receive safe, competent and effective services. Be treated fairly no matter your age, race, culture, ethnicity, sex, religion, gender identity, and/or sexual orientation. Be involved in decisions about the services you receive. Participate in assessment, treatment planning and the setting of treatment goals."

16. Access to ROCK: Kids Help Phone available 24/7 - free/confidential -counselling is available in person, by phone or web (not email or text).

16.1. What I like best about ROCK, is that an individual (even with their family) can walk in and get immediate therapeutic intervention without an appointment.