Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

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Encouraging a healthy lifestyle by Mind Map: Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

1. What?

1.1. A machine?

1.1.1. Expensive Target more well off areas and cients Electrical Aethetically pleaseing

1.1.2. Upmarket

1.1.3. High tech Modern technology

1.2. A tool?

1.2.1. Affordable

1.2.2. Simple

1.2.3. Effective

1.2.4. Small

1.3. Something to improve life

1.3.1. Help the elderly A bench? Not to much walking/exercise, just something to encourage them to get outside Convenient geographical locations

1.3.2. Help someone who is injured Somewhere to slowly improve muscle strength Somewhere to rebuild confidence

1.4. Cheap and affordable?

1.4.1. Hardy materials

1.4.2. Can survive the test of time

2. How

2.1. Get people outside

2.1.1. Not too strenuouse

2.1.2. Easy to do

2.2. Research the needs of less active people

2.2.1. Old?

2.2.2. Injured?

2.3. Find something to help

2.3.1. Something to make life easier

2.3.2. Something which will make people healthier

2.3.3. Something to change peoples lifestyle for the better

3. Who?

3.1. People with injuries

3.1.1. Have they been mentally scared?

3.1.2. Do they need to regain muscle strength to be able to continue at their sport/activity

3.2. The elderly

3.2.1. Are they too embarrassed to get out?

3.2.2. Can they physically not do much?

3.3. The young?

3.3.1. Have they been injured?

3.3.2. Are they addicted to computer games?

3.4. The physically impared

3.4.1. Can they not get move very easily?

3.4.2. Are they too embarrassed to go out?

3.5. Someone who just dosn't get out much

3.5.1. Do they work too much?

3.5.2. Do they just forget

3.5.3. Dosn't enjoy it

4. Why

4.1. Make the world a better place

4.1.1. Healthier people are happier

4.2. I enjoy helping people and improving their lives

4.2.1. Makes me feel good

4.2.2. Makes me proud

4.3. Improves me skills as a student

4.3.1. The more projects I take on, the better I will become

4.3.2. Broadens my skill set

4.3.3. Broadens my knowledge

5. Where

5.1. Local towns

5.1.1. Near me

5.1.2. Somewhere in Herefordshire

5.1.3. Easier to find and research a client

5.2. Developing area

5.2.1. Certain parts of my county?

5.2.2. Different country?

5.2.3. Will have to use cheaper materials

5.3. Upmarket area

5.3.1. Wealthy parts of Herefordshire?

5.3.2. London?

5.3.3. Can use more expense materials