Erinoak Kids: Centre for Treatment and Development -

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Erinoak Kids: Centre for Treatment and Development - by Mind Map: Erinoak Kids:  Centre for Treatment and Development -

1. Supplemental Services Available Through Internal Referral if Core Services & Programs Are Being Used

1.1. Assistive Devices Resource Service

1.2. Behaviour Consultation Services

1.3. Drama Services (through DramaWay)

1.4. Early Childhood Resource Services

1.5. Independent Living Program

1.6. Music Therapy (through Music4Life)

1.7. Nursing Services

1.8. Psychoeducational Services

1.9. Recreation Therapy

1.10. Respite Services

1.11. Service Navigation

1.12. Social Work Services

1.13. Special Services at Home

1.14. Specialty Clinics

1.15. Transitions Services

2. Vision

2.1. "Children and youth reaching their potential supported by a full continuum of integrated family-centered services."

3. Mission

3.1. "The mission of ErinoakKids is to help children and youth with physical, developmental and communication disabilities achieve optimal levels of independence, learning, health and well-being."

4. Values

4.1. "Accountability and Integrity Collaboration Continuous Learning Efficiency and Effectiveness Family Centredness Leadership and Innovation Professionalism Respect and Trust"

5. Equity - Inclusion - Cultural Awareness

5.1. Erinoak Kids serves clients with a wide range of physical and developmental disabilities, as well as those with communication disorders, autism, blindness and deafness.

5.2. Erinoak centres serve the regions of Halton, Peel, Dufferin and some services are also available in Waterloo and Wellington regions.

6. Services & Programs

6.1. Autism Services -Ontario Autism Program (OAP) -Autism Behavioural Intervention Services for Purchase (for families who have received $8,000 and/or $10,000 transition funding)

6.2. Communication Services -Auditory Verbal Therapy and American Sign Language Instruction -Speech and Language Services

6.3. Infant Hearing Screening Infant Hearing Services

6.4. Medical Services

6.5. Occupational Therapy

6.6. Physiotherapy

6.7. Vision Services